Behind the Times of London Paywall

You could have seen this one coming. Everyone has been rushing to jump on the news that Rupert Murdoch’s paywall experiment in the U.K. has cost theTimes of London a substantial portion of its readers, a full two-thirds. But the Financial Times explains that the paywall hasn’t been as bad as some expected and that much of the traffic […]

What’s Stopping Print Content on the iPad?

Venture Capitalist David Pakman, a partner at Venrock, doesn’t understand why legacy media isn’t rushing to get on the iPad. He points out that only six of the top 20 magazines have iPad apps and that most media outlets have been hanging back from embracing the new platform: I think the iPad is actually under-hyped as a device […]

Amazon Touts Kindle Sales, Reveals Little

Here’s a riddle for you: At what point will Amazon(AMZN) have to quit being so coy with its sales figures of Kindle editions and start offering the world real information? Today, newspapers, blogs, and magazines are afire with Amazon’s latest cryptic report. Jeff Bezos says that cutting the price of the Kindle readers has accelerated sales. […]

A Publishing Plum Sours

The latest standoff between big publisher and big author involving Janet Evanovich has provoked a flurry of speculation that Evanovich might publish her next few books directly, presumably using a publishing house as a distributor but not to finance the printing, production, or marketing. In many ways, Evanovich would be an ideal candidate for this […]

Guess What? Students Want E-Readers

The Independent in London makes a lot out of a report by youth-marketing expert Alloy on the purchasing intent among college students: Consumer group Alloy Media + Marketing released a report on July 7 detailing a 13% rise in ‘back to school’ spending by US college students, giving a combined total of $306 billion. According to Alloy […]

Will Hachette Be the Last Publisher Standing?

The Bookseller, the U.K.’s book publishing trade magazine, has these interesting figures showing the way the dramatic drop of 5.7 percent in overall sales in the country has allowed Hachette to increase its market share: Victoria Barnsley was speaking as figures from Nielsen BookScan, for the first 24 weeks of the year, revealed a fall in […]

Content Farms Are Slaughtering Books

Much overlooked in the recent fixation on the transition from physical books to e-books has been the cratering sales of backlist books. One of the mainstays of the six big publishing houses is the massive amount of subject nonfiction they produce. For many years, Barnes & Noble (BKS) was attacking that base by producing its own no-name […]

Sun Valley: Where Media Goes to Die

There’s no better gauge of the state of the media—however broadly you might choose to define that—than the lack of any sort of story line to set up the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference. Things are so bad that the Wrap’s Sharon Waxman had to resort to this kind of reporting to post anything about the […]

Quit Huffing at Time’s Paywall. It’s Smart.

There’s been a bit of huffy finger-pointing now thatTime has embarked on a truly sensible Web strategythat emphasizes the original content on and keeps the content from the magazine exclusive to the magazine and iPad app. Why is this so sensible? In the first instance, the overall direction of content is toward finding the appropriate […]

The Nook of Doom Gnaws at Barnes & Noble

When the Nook e-reader was announced, Barnes & Noble touted its strategy of using its network of stores to drive sales. At the time, we pointed out the flaw in that plan: the more successful B&N became at shifting sales to the electronic device, the more it would undermine the company’s margins. Unlike Amazon, which is built […]