How the Hell Can Google Save Indie Bookstores?

The latest strange twist in the e-book saga comes from the still-mysterious Google Books project which theNew York Times tells us will leverage the nation’s 1,400 independent bookstores to break into the e-book business. (You can’t make this stuff up!) It would be nice to know if indie stores have much in the way of online traffic […]

The Nook of Doom Gnaws at Barnes & Noble

When the Nook e-reader was announced, Barnes & Noble touted its strategy of using its network of stores to drive sales. At the time, we pointed out the flaw in that plan: the more successful B&N became at shifting sales to the electronic device, the more it would undermine the company’s margins. Unlike Amazon, which is built […]

What’s Amazon Playing At?

With Amazon’s share price still based upon an incredibly optimistic multiple of 50, even after the stock has pulled back $36 from a high of $150, we’re starting to see a backlash. Stock analysts are worried that increased competition in e-books from Apple and Barnes & Noble will lead to a compression in the multiple. Amazon has […]

Bloomberg vs. CNBC

The Comcast acquisition of NBC-Universal has opened a nice little bargaining window for Bloomberg TV,according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Bloomberg is using the merger review process to put pressure on Comcast to sell CNBC (as if!) or give Bloomberg better placement on the cable dial. It’s a clever negotiating strategy. But what interested us most in the […]

Memo to New York Times: Ditch the Magazine

The memo announcing Gerald Marzorati’s new role at the newspaper seemed like an anti-climax until the last paragraph, when Executive Editor Bill Keller issued this open call for ideas: Oh, yes. The magazine. Running The New York Times Magazine is one of the best jobs in magazine journalism. We intend to take as much time as […]

The Son of Gutenberg

A year ago, Justin Halpern was an underemployed comedy writer who had to move back into his parents’ home in San Diego. Today, he’s got 1.4 million Twitter followers, the No. 1 book on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list, and a CBS sitcom starring William Shatner. All it took was writing down quotes from his father […]