The Nook of Doom

Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader could kill its business Amazon’s success with the Kindle is a virtuous cycle of cost reduction. As it converts customers from visiting the Web site to buy a book (and then waiting for the mail) to picking up the Kindle for both functions, Amazon gains margin at every turn. At […]

Spawning Salmon

How the financial blogosphere gave birth to Felix Salmon The gravitational change in the media that has left some formerly influential journalists floating weightless in the ether while others have been crushed under the load of new expectations  has also opened up opportunity. The Web’s Big Bang, especially during a financial crisis, has created new, […]

Eating His Way to the Top

Why the New York Times’ new food critic could be the paper’s next editor It might seem odd to claim during the week that Condé Nast closed Gourmet magazine—famously presided over by the former New York Times restaurant critic Ruth Reichl—that the newspaper’s new restaurant critic has a shot at becoming the paper’s next editor. Yet Sam Sifton, who starts […]